An external view of a commercial construction project from the street.

When your business begins to outgrow its location, you need to start considering how to address your need for additional space. Commercial construction and renovation are great ways to help grow your commercial space into the size you need for continued success. 

Factors to Consider Before Deciding on Renovations or a New Construction

If you’re deciding between commercial construction and renovation, there are a few factors you should consider, including: 


When comparing prices, renovation construction tends to be more budget-friendly than new construction, depending on the materials, time, and labor required to complete the project. The age and condition of the original structure can also affect the cost and complexity of the project if you are renovating, however. 


Your project’s timeline will vary in length depending on whether you choose to build a new building or renovate an existing one. Commercial construction can take months or years to complete, based on the complexity and scale of the project. Commercial renovation may only takes weeks or months to finish and also provides flexibility for businesses. 


If you’re looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach, both commercial building renovation and new construction can help reduce carbon emissions produced by utilizing green materials and systems within projects. Additionally, building renovation can help reduce the amount of debris and waste going into landfills. 


Zoning laws and building codes play a significant role in construction and renovation projects. Knowing what companies and competitors are in the area play a role in the decisions you make regarding location. Complementary businesses in the area, such as an auto auction near a gas station, can ultimately help generate more traffic towards your business, so you should consider what is near your current building before deciding what type of construction project best fits your needs. 


Both commercial building design construction and renovation focus on the exterior and interior of a building to promote the company to new customers and increase work efficiency among employees. By generating more interest in the business, increasing productivity, and optimizing their use of space, companies can see a high return on investment with both types of projects. 

Why a New Construction Is Often the Best Option

New construction tends to provide a number of benefits for companies who have outgrown their existing space and are looking for something new to revitalize their business and workforce. With a new construction project, your business can enjoy the following advantages: 

Design Flexibility

Deciding to renovate your property comes with design limitations based on the existing infrastructure, preventing you from having complete creative freedom. If you have big ideas that may not fit within the existing architecture of your building, new construction may be your best option. 

Energy Efficiency

Technology continues to advance every day, and older buildings often fail to keep up with current housing trends, including energy efficiency. Implementing modern technologies in a new construction allows for more energy efficient systems to be implemented, along with renewable energy sources such as solar. With less energy consumption used to power all outputs, your business can reduce utility costs over time. 

Compliance With Current Regulations

With a new building, complying with current regulations often comes naturally as your builder will need to ensure the designs are up to code before even getting started. Commercial renovation and historic building restoration projects require additional research and labor to ensure that the building meets current standards based on the age, condition, and location of the original structure. 

Lower Maintenance Costs

As a building gets older, maintenance costs may rise in order to keep up with current regulations. Starting fresh with a new building can help your company spend less on maintenance costs, allowing your business to save money in the long run. 

Optimized Use of Space

Commercial construction can account for your unique needs from the ground up. From commercial office construction, which can optimize the space for productivity and collaboration, to retail construction, where you can increase product visibility and create plenty of space for your customers, you’ll have the advantage of boosting sales and performance in a building built specifically for your company. 

Increased Property Value

New construction eliminates any worry of damage resulting from age or external factors that could affect the building’s value. With high quality materials, updated systems, and low maintenance costs, your new building will significantly increase your property value when you work with a reputable construction company like Ganneston. 

When You May Choose to Renovate

A historic building renovation project completed by Ganneston Construction.

Renovation is another great way to add additional space to a building without having to rebuild the entire structure. When you choose to renovate your building, you can take advantage of the following benefits: 

  • Cost-effective
  • Time-efficient
  • Building maintains functionality throughout the process

Historic building renovation is a great way to turn something meaningful into a functional building with history behind it. From courthouses and schools to churches and theaters, Maine hosts a number of beautiful historic buildings with a rich history, and we take pride in playing our part to preserve these buildings and the stories they hold.

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At Ganneston, our experience as historic building restoration contractors has allowed us to complete and preserve many projects in our state’s history.

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