A new commercial retail construction building in an outdoor shopping center.

Whether rebranding, starting a new business, or expanding your company, commercial retail construction allows you to create a retail location with your unique requirements. Commercial construction companies like Ganneston Construction can help bring your vision to life. 

Examples of Retail Construction in Maine

Every retail commercial construction project is unique based on location and branding preferences. In Maine, retail construction projects range in scale from minor renovations to new constructions, with projects including: 

  • Storefronts: The process of remodeling the front of the store to increase foot traffic.
  • Build-Outs: Demolishing a space in the property with the idea of repurposing it.
  • Remodels: The renovation or addition to your existing space.
  • Rebranding Efforts: Revamping an existing property to change or upgrade your commercial space’s appearance.

Choosing a Retail Construction Company

Working with an experienced and reputable commercial construction company like Ganneston Construction ensures your retail project will be completed efficiently and according to plan. When evaluating potential candidates for a retail construction company, make sure you keep the following in mind: 

Commercial Construction Experience

Every local area has different laws and regulations that significantly impact how you can design your retail construction project. Local construction companies have expertise with construction projects in your area, so you know you can rely on them to meet all local and state requirements. 

Reputation and Construction Project References

Clients who have had a great experience with a company tend to recommend them to others through online reviews or word of mouth. Construction companies with a positive reputation will likely deliver high-quality projects. Look for positive reviews online, and be sure to contact your options yourself to form your final opinion. 

Project Management and Communication

A construction project is a significant investment, so you need to feel confident in your construction company’s ability to communicate with you every step of the way. At Ganneston Construction, we prioritize transparent communication so you are always informed and can plan accordingly. 

Special Considerations for Retail Projects

When planning a retail construction project, you should focus on improving the customer’s shopping experience and encouraging more sales at a higher value. When creating a new commercial space, be sure to consider the following elements: 

Store Layout and Customer Flow

How a store is laid out extensively impacts the shopping experience, so determining where fixtures such as displays, cash registers, and shelves is essential. For example, in a grocery store, staple products such as milk and eggs are placed in the back so that customers have to walk through the aisles of products they did not intend to buy, increasing the likelihood that they will make additional purchases. 

Consider everything from how you want customers to traverse the store to what products you want to sell most, and let those insights inform your new space.

Branding and Visual Identity

When you walk into a big-box retailer such as Walmart or Target, every location uses similar store layouts, colors, flooring, and more. Chains and franchises must create a similar customer experience, regardless of which location they shop at. Small businesses should also focus on promoting their businesses in an appealing and consistent way to attract new customers. 

Technology Integration

More retail locations will integrate features such as self-checkouts into their commercial space to remain competitive. Construction companies should account for these integrations to ensure they can seamlessly implement them to enhance customers’ shopping experiences. 

Overview of the Retail Construction Process

Exterior of an ongoing commercial retail construction project for multiple storefronts.

For every retail project, construction companies must work closely with their clients to ensure the new space meets the unique needs of the business. There are three phases associated with the retail construction process, including: 

Pre-Construction Phase

The pre-construction phase involves laying out a strategic plan for the project by creating a design, securing permits, and gathering the resources required for construction. Construction companies should explain important information, such as expectations for the timeframe and budget, so you have a clear idea of what to expect moving forward. 

Construction Phase

The construction phase begins once the client and contractor agree on all pre-construction terms. This second phase entails the project’s physical work. Contractors will provide updates and information as construction occurs, allowing you to prepare for opening operations as soon as possible. 

Post-Construction Phase

Once construction is complete, you’ll review all criteria to ensure the project meets the requirements of your business during the final phase. You should receive all documents related to the project, such as official records and receipts.

At Ganneston, we’re committed to providing transparent communication throughout the construction process to ensure your satisfaction with our work. By the time we reach this phase, there will be no surprises, but we’d be happy to answer any questions you have before finalizing your project.

Choose Ganneston for Your Maine Retail Construction Needs

Ganneston Construction is known throughout the state for the quality of our work and our commitment to client satisfaction. We strive to exceed your expectations, adding character to your unique retail location. We will provide the highest quality services to create a new commercial space that meets your specific needs within your timeline and budget.

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