If you’re considering construction options for a new commercial facility, you may have run through the gamut already: brick, wood, cement, steel, and so on. All the options can feel overwhelming. But that’s why we’re drawing on our over six decades of experience to help you understand why a commercial metal building should be at the top of your list.

This isn’t to discount other types of construction materials. Instead, we’re here to help you understand why these durable structures can be right for you, and why they have become an increasingly popular choice for commercial projects.

The Durability and Strength of Commercial Metal Buildings

One of the biggest perks of metal buildings is their unmatched durability and strength. Constructed out of steel, they can withstand inclement weather like heavy snowfall and icy conditions with relative ease. Unlike metal’s wood counterpart (for instance), steel does not rot, warp, or crack over time. This means your building will stand the test of time with minimal repairs and maintenance required.

Steel construction stands up to high wind, heavy rain, snow load, and more without issue. The Metal Building Manufacturers Association® has conducted research showing metal buildings capable of withstanding winds up to 170 mph, and metal roofing able to withstand winds up to 140 mph and large hail impacts with only cosmetic damage.

You also don’t have to worry about termites, mold, or mildew thanks to its non-porous surface. Ultimately, this durability translates into lower repair and renovation costs.

Keeping the Bottom Line Top of Mind: The Cost-Reducing Benefits of Steel

For any business owner or decision-maker, you ultimately can’t get out from under the bottom line. Thankfully, commercial steel buildings offer great value for your dollar compared to other types of construction materials. Since a metal building system is pre-engineered, there’s less on-site commercial building construction and labor required, reducing your overall costs.

And over the lifetime of the building, you’ll save on energy bills thanks to metal’s natural insulation properties. Between lower construction expenses and minimal lifetime maintenance, this durable choice provides excellent ROI.

The Freedom and Flexibility of Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Prefabricated construction — which refers to the use of building components that are factory-made but assembled on-site — is a fast growing trend that’s here to stay. But prefabrication doesn’t mean a cookie cutter or one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, a few benefits stand out.

Benefit #1: A Greater Degree of Customization

Prefabricated commercial metal buildings allow for a great degree of customization to meet your specific needs, which means you get the flexibility and durability you need. You can select the perfect size, layout, roof design, and aesthetic details.

Benefit #2: A Greater Degree of Flexibility

Whether you need an open warehouse or enclosed offices, prefabricated or modular construction can accommodate your exact requirements in a much easier manner than wood, brick, cement, or other traditional commercial materials can. This flexibility makes them suitable for nearly all types of commercial spaces.

Benefit #3: Efficient Metal Building Construction

Time is money, and commercial metal buildings save you both. Thanks to their pre-engineered options, they can be installed rapidly compared to traditional buildings that require full custom construction.

At Ganneston Construction, our prefab process allows for construction timelines measured in days and weeks rather than months or years. We recognize superior quality and efficiency are both important, which is why efficient metal building construction and quicker-than-average turnaround times are two of our specialties.

Steel as a Foundational Element for A Sustainable Future

Between their steel construction and modern engineering, metal buildings are energy-efficient and help build a more sustainable future. The structures retain heat in winter and stay cooler in summer, reducing HVAC costs. All of this helps you save on operating expenses.

Many also have solar integration options for additional sustainability. The bottom line? Eco-friendly buildings are better for your bottom line and the environment.

Low Maintenance Requirements of Metal Buildings

On average, steel buildings don’t require frequent repairs and renovations to remain functional. Thanks to their innate resilience, they tend to age just fine with basic cleaning for maintenance.

No business owner wants to spend their time worrying about their property. Knowing your business or organization’s commercial structure is reliable and constructed to protect you can free you up to focus on business operations rather than building upkeep — that’s a nice place to be.

Versatile Applications of Commercial Metal Buildings

While metal buildings may have an industrial perception, they are incredibly versatile for all types of commercial spaces in the following sectors:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Manufacturing
  • Recreational

Whether you need wide open spaces or customized enclosures, metal can accommodate your project. And should your needs change over time, most metal structures can be expanded thanks to their modular construction and expandable endwalls. This versatility positions them as an ideal commercial building solution now and for years to come.

A Wise Investment

With advantages like strength, value, customization, speed, resilience, efficiency, and versatility, it’s easy to see why commercial metal buildings are an intelligent go-to for a lot of businesses and organizations. If you want a structure that will stand the test of time with minimal hassle, metal is a wise investment.

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