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Municipal & Government Building Construction

This delivery method has traditionally been used in the private marketplace and is now becoming more accepted in the public sector. With this method, the Owner directly hires an Architect to design and a Construction Manager to manage and/or construct the project. With this project delivery method, The Construction Manager is involved during the design development phases providing budgeting, value engineering and constructability reviews. The Architect and/or Clerk of the Works may have less involvement during construction as the design intent, quality, and overall project goals have been clearly understood as they are carried out. Many Owners are choosing this method as it provides a non-adversarial “team approach” with qualified contractors and subcontractors, shortens the project schedule and reduces project costs.

Ganneston recommends this approach as it is an overall collaborative effort and allows Owners to be more involved in the selecting local prequalified subcontractors and vendors.

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