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Multi-Family Building Construction

This delivery method has traditionally been used in the public sector and when state and/or federal dollars are funding a portion or the entire project. With this method, the Architect is hired by the Owner to provide design and complete construction documents that are put out for competitive bidding. Subcontractors and suppliers “bid” for their respective scopes of work to the general contractors and the general contractors submit their bid for the project. Generally the low bidder is awarded the project. During construction, the Architect is retained by the Owner to manage the construction contract between the Owner and the General Contractor and to assure that the construction plans and specifications are met. Most perceive this method to be the most fair and the lowest cost; however, some contend it creates an adversarial arrangement in that low cost contractors and subcontractors may not be best qualified, it may lengthen the project schedule and may increase project costs.

Ganneston’s approach to this delivery method is to utilize local subcontractors and suppliers that we have prequalified and/or have a working history with to ensure we provide competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

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